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Disnfection Tunnel ( )
We Esskay Lathe and Machine Tools Are the Manufacturer of All types of Disinfection Tunnels in Batala-punjab-india This Automatic Sanitizing Tunnel equipped with  automatic sterilizing machine to spray  in the Tunnel at   government offices and school ,industrial complex, Hospitals, Departmental Stores Malls  with disinfectant before they start work. The tunnel is equipped with infrared detectors that activate a spray from misters when a person enters, and can take 15 seconds to spray the person
The idea behind our disinfectant tunnels is simple: wash the hands and walk through a tunnel in which overhead sprayers sprinkle disinfectant. This two-step process can considerably reduce the number of germs on an individual.

1. Automatic Sensors detect the person waliking through.

2.Dis-Infectant Auto sprayed from top and sides to completelty sanitize the person.

3.Large Tank for Storing Dis infectants.

4. Misting System will be provided for spraying approved sanitizer over the person which will be sensor based to avoid un-necessary dis-infectant spray.

5. Manul Controlller is availbe to control the spray pressure.