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Shaping Machine | All Geared Shaping Machine | 36 inches All Geared shaping Machine
36 inches All Geared shaping Machine ( 280000)

Esskay Machines Qualities

Best Part of our machines are Accuracy,we are conducting all accuracy trials on our machines as per IS standard No 2310:1939.

Customers can get full accuracy and full satisfactions on our machines, we are using all branded items on our shaping machines.

All Gears are hardened and ground, and made on TOS Brand Gear Shaving Machine,Sideways are hardened and ground and are covered bu Turcite B Linings.

By this machine life will be longer for 20 years.

All Machines supplied with operation manual,Service Manual, Foundation drawings,GA Drawings,Electrical Circuit Drawings,spare parts purchase manual etc.

Duly Seasoned  Alloyed High Duty Castings        
Sturdy construction to Ensure Vibration Free Working      
Ram Alignment with Taper Jib Strip          
Extensive Lubrication Arrangements          
Alloy Steel ShaftsAll Alignments maintained as per Geometric alignment AS PER IS 2310
Universal table with variable automatic feeds on horizontal traverese    
Graduated Tool slide swivelling to 90 Degrees        
Interchangeability of parts ensured through standardisation and quality control.