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Radial Drilling Machine | Auto Feed Radial Drilling Machine | Auto feed Radial Drill Machine 40mm
Auto feed Radial Drill Machine 40mm ( 185000)

Esskay Manufacturers Auto feed  Radial Drill Machine 40 mm in Batala-Punjab-India.Autofeed radial Drill  machine known as Drilling Machine

1. Four Spindle Speeds in either direction by means of vee- belt pully.  
2. Precise Depth Stopper.          
3. The Machine is of Robust Construction and very Rigid in Operation, Even when Drilling Head maximum Radius from Column.
4.Heavy Duty Close Grained Cast Iron with requisite hardness for the sliding and the working surface Quick change mechanism for the bolt tensioning.
5. Double Column Type Machine.          
6. Steady Column Cylindricallly precision Ground to Micro Finish.    

7. Every Machine is Guaranted for Super Workmanship and efficient performance.

8. Box Table Fully Grinded