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Lathe Machines | 12 feet x20inches bed width x 18inches cenher height Heavy Duty Lathe Machine | 12 ft Heavy Duty Lathe Machine
12 ft Heavy Duty Lathe Machine ( 280000)
Esskay Machines Qualities        
Best part of our machines are accuracy , we are conducting all accuracy trials        
on our machines  as per IS standard no 6040 .    
Customer  can get full satisfaction on our machines  
we are using all branded items on our lathe machine, all geares are hardened and ground 
and made on Tos brand  Gear shaving machine    
Bedways are flame hardened  and flame hardened bed ways are covered by Turcit-B Linings,
By this provision, bed life of machine will become longer around 25 years.
All machine supplied with Operation manual, service manual, Foundation drawings, Ga drawings
Electrical circuit drawings, spare parts purchase manuals etc.  

BEDWAYS- Bed is hyperbolic bridge constructed and specially designed wide opening to easy chip disposal
it is heavily built and robust constructed in EKL-616,EKL-816, EKL-1016  
HEAD STOCK- Hardened and ground gears, spindle, spline, shaft quill,,  
Head sstock body is latest designed by our engineers,the spindle is mounted on taper roller bearings and angular bearigns,
The headstock takes the load capacity of  spindle and the mechanism for driving
it. In the belt-driven type headstock, the driving mechanism consists  
 of a cone pulley that drives the spindle power to run machine  
TAIL STOCK          
The main function of the tailstock is to hold the revolving center or dead center to
support one side of the work        
being machined between centers., it can also be used to hold live  
centers,  drills bits, reamers, and drill chucks. The tailstock    
moves on the bed ways along the length of the bed to work of different 
lengths. It can be clamped in the desired position by the tailstock  
clamping nut.          
The carriage drives the crossfeed slide and the compound rest which  
in turn carries the cutting tool in the toolpost. The carriage slides on  
the ways along the bed         
 The wings of          
the H-shaped saddle contain the bearing surfaces which are fitted to the bed ways
of the bed. The cross slide  is machined to form a dovetail for the  
crossfeed slide. The crossfeed slide is very close fitted to the dovetail and
has a tapered gib which fits between the carriage    
dovetail and the matching dovetail of the crossfeed slide.    
The apron is attached to the front side( operator side ) of the  
carriage. It contains the controls of the movement of the    
carriage for longitudinal feed and thread cutting. It controls the all  
movement of the cross-slide. One should thoroughly understand the  
construction and operation of the apron before attempting to operate the
GEAR BOX          
for the inconvenience and loss of time involved in    
removing and replacing change gears, ESSKAY Brand  lathes have a selfcontained
change gear mechanism,and its called a "quick-change gear box.or Norton Gear Box"
There are a number of types used on different types of lathes, but they are
all similar in principle.