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RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE | AUTO FEED RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE | MODEL NUMBER ERD- B 75 Drilling Machine                                   Drilling is a process of  making hole or enlarging a hole in an job by forcing a rotating tool called Drill Bit                   The Drill is Generally Called as Twist Drill , since it has sharp twisted edges  formed around cylindrical tool provided with a helical groove along its length to allow the cut material to escape throughit. The sharp edges of the conical surfaces ground at the lower end of the rotating twist drill cut. The material by peeling it circularly layer by layer when forced against a work piece.     the removed amterial chips get curled and escape through the helical grooves provided in the drill .                    A liquid coolant is generally used while drilling to remove the heat of friction and obtain a better finish for the hole.                                                       A power operated machine tool which holds the drill in its spindle rotating at the high speeds and when manually actuated to move linearly simultaneously against the workpiece produces   a hole is called Drilling Machine                                 A drilling machine is specified as follows                               1. Size of drilling machine table                                 2. largest bit the machine can hold                               3. maximum size of the hole that can be drilled                             4. maximum size of the workpiece that can be held                             5. power of the motor, spindle speed or feed                             Various types of Drilling Machines are specified are as follows                           1. Portable Drilling Machine- Maximum diameter of drill which can be held                         2. Sensitive upright Drilling Machine- The Diameter of the largest workpiece that can be held                     3. Radial Drilling Machines- The Length of the arm and column diameter                         4. Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine- The Drilling Area, the size and the number of holes a machine can drill                   5. Automatic Drilling Machine                                                                       1. Portable Drilling Machine                                 Portable drilling machine is a very small compact and self contained  unit carrying a small electric motor inside it                 it is  commonly used to drill holes  in the following cases when the component is bigger in size such that it cannot be shifted to the shop floor , whe the space is restricted so that      no other type of drilling machine can be used.                                                                   2.Sensitive or Bench Drilling Machine                               These are light duty machines used in workshops. They are normally mounted on work benches and hence the name .As the operator can feel the cutting  operation while applying     pressure using the feed lever, the machine is known as sensitive drilling machine                       it consists of a cast iron base with vertical column mounted over it. The vertical column is made of hollow steel pipe on which the table slides up and down. The table can be fixed to the required positiion by means of a table clamp. The table can also be swung radically at any desired position . The top of the column houses the drive consisting of endles belt running over the  v-pulleys . To Drill Small Diameter holes , a twist drill is fitted in the drill chuck,which in turn fits ito the spindle of the machine. If the drill size is more , twist drill is directly fitted in the tapered   portion of the spindle .                                 The spindle can be moved  up or down by means of drill feed handle or lever.                                                             3. UPRIGHT DRILLING MACHINE                               Upright Drills Similar to sensitive drills have power- feed mechanism for rotating drills and are designed for heavier work                 A box column machine is more rigid than a round column and consequently, is adapted to heavier  work,                                                         3. RADIAL  DRILLING MACHINE                                 A Radial Drilling machine is used to perform the drilling operations on the work pieces which are too heavy and also may be too large to mount them on the worktable of the vertical spindle drilling machine it consists of a heavy  base and a vertical column with a long horizontal  radial arm extending from it and can be rapidly raised, lowered and swing in horizontal plane about the main column to any desired location. The Drillign head can move  to and fro along  the arm and can be swivelled only in the universal  radial  drilling machines  to drill holes at an angle . The Combinations of motions of the radial arm and drilling head offer a great  deal of flexibility  in moving the drill to any position.                                                     4. GANG DRILLING MACHINE                                 When several drilling spindles are mounted on a single table, it is known as a gang drill.In this Type of Drill , Each of these spindles can  be independently set for different speed and depth of cut   Such machines are useful when number of holes of different sizes are to be drilled on the same work piece                                                         Apart from drilling , a number of other machining operations like reaming , counter boring , tapping etc, can also be performed at a time on this machine                                                 5. MULTI SPINDLE DRILLING MACHINES                               These Machines  are vertical type  machines, They permit drilling  of several  holes of different diamters  simultaneously . Gnerally the spindles numbering 2 or 3 Even more are driven by only one gear in the head  through  universal joint leakages. Each spindle is mounted with a twist drill . A jig is used to guid the twist drills.                                                                                                                   KEY WORDS                                   RADIAL DRILL MACHINE MANUFACTURER, BEST DRILLING MACHINE,RADIAL DRILL MACHINE BATALA, ESSKAY RADIAL DRILL MACHINE             RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE MANUFACTURER RAJKOT,RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE PDF,TYPES OF RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE,RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE DEFINITION       BEST RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE,ALL GEARED RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE, MANUFACTURER OF RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE, RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE BATALA,         SPECIFICATION OF RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE, AUTO FEED RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE, FINE FEED RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE                                                     ">
Esskay Machines Qualities                
Best part of our machines are accuracy , we are conducting all accuracy trials                
on our machines  as per IS standard no 2199:1989 .        
Customer  can get full satisfaction on our machines        
we are using all branded items on our Radial Drilling machine, all geares are hardened and ground 
and made on Tos brand  Gear shaving machine        
Bedways are flame hardened  and flame hardened bed ways are covered by Turcit-B Linings,
By this provision, bed life of machine will become longer around 25 years.    
All machine supplied with Operation manual, service manual, Foundation drawings, Ga drawings
Electrical circuit drawings, spare parts purchase manuals etc.      


1. 4 spindle speeds  in either direction by means of vee- belt pully
2. Precise Depth Stopper.      
3. The Machine is of Robust Construction and very Rigid in Operation, Even when Drilling Head maximum Radius from Column.
4.Heavy Duty Close Grained Cast Iron with requisite hardness for the sliding and the working surface Quick change mechanism for the bolt tensioning.
5. Double Column Type Machine.      
6. Steady Column Cylindricallly precision Ground to Micro Finish.
7. Every Machine is Guaranted for Super Workmanship and efficient performance.
8. Box Table is Fully Grinded      
9.  Hydraulic clamping for Locking