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Esskay Machines Qualities          
Best part of our machines are accuracy , we are conducting all accuracy trials          
on our machines  as per IS standard no 2308:1989 .      
Customer  can get full satisfaction on our machines      
we are using all branded items on our lathe machine, all geares are hardened and ground 
and made on Tos brand  Gear shaving machine      
Sideways  are  hardened  and ground and  are covered by Turcit-B Linings,
By this provision, bed life of machine will become longer around 20 years.  
All machine supplied with Operation manual, service manual, Foundation drawings, Ga drawings

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Heavy duty robust and rigid construction to avoid vibrations.              
Machine is made with graded castings properly seasoned and machined with accuracy as per ISI standards.      
Quick return movement to save idle time.                  
GEARS – All made of EN series steel, properly cut on Hobbing and gear shaping machines GEARS in gear box properly hardened and 
SHAFTS – properlly ground and work in ball and taper roller bearings. Rotary indexing table with graduated degrees on periphery.
Machine is with best finish with Deco paint.